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Live Events
  • Messenger Rooms and Facebook Live

    See how a Portal device lets you start or join calls of up to 50 people with the all-new Messenger Rooms or reach much larger groups by broadcasting to your family, friends and fans with Facebook Live on Portal.

    • Mixed Reality Capture Tool

      Watch as we demo the MRC tool which lets you film yourself actually inside the game as you play--fully superimposed in live-action video.

      • Instant Demos

        The future of VR is here! Take an in-depth look at Oculus Quest 2 in this exclusive demo where we take audience questions, share in-game footage and explore our most advanced all-in-one headset yet.

        • Hand Tracking

          Watch as we demo the amazing Oculus hand tracking feature which lets you put down the controllers and start using your hands to play.

          • Oculus Casting

            VR is more fun when spectators can see what's going on--watch as we demo the seamless Casting feature that lets you send a livestream to a nearby TV or mobile device.

            • Health and Safety

              The safety of Oculus users is always number one. Check out this short demo showcasing essential Oculus safety considerations and proper care of the headset.

              • Portal en Español

                A Spanish-language tour showing how Portal can make you feel like you’re all together with smart video Calling, AR Effects, Story Time and more.

                • Aja Dang Intros Messenger Rooms and Facebook Live

                  Aja Dang shows you how Portal integrates into her life, helping her stay connected with loved ones, hosting group video calls with friends, family, and coworkers on Messenger, and even broadcasting live to her fans with Facebook Live.

                  • Potato Jet Intros the Upgrade

                    Join Potato Jet in fully immersive 360 as he shows you how the most advanced all-in-one headset got even better. This is Quest vs. Quest 2 as only Potato can do it.

                    • See The Difference

                      Discover Portal’s amazing features with a demo of smart video calling, AR Effects, Story Time, and more.

                      • Oculus Quest 2 ASL

                        An introduction to our most advanced VR headset yet. Delivered in sign language for deaf audiences, this video covers Quest 2’s key features, upgrades, and premier experiences.

                        • Karl Conrad’s Guide to Social VR

                          The ways you can connect with people on the Oculus Platform just keep growing. Karl Conrad is going to show you exactly how much more fun VR is when it’s social.

                          • UrAvgConsumer presents Oculus Quest 2

                            UrAvgConsumer takes you through the ins and outs of the brand new Oculus Quest 2 headset, demoing the features and form factor as well as some marquee Oculus experiences.

                            • Oculus Quest 2

                              Whether you’re new to VR or already a pro, this is your introduction to Oculus’ most advanced all-in-one VR system yet: Quest 2.

                              • Inside the Upgrade

                                See what makes Quest 2 such an upgrade from the ground-breaking original Quest.

                                • Work From Home with Portal

                                  See how Portal can make working from home easier and more productive with the Workplace communication and collaboration tool plus a host of other apps that help you connect and collaborate with coworkers.

                                  • Color Me Courtney Presents Portal

                                    Courtney shows you how Portal helps her stay connected with loved ones, introducing all the key features like Smart Camera, HD adaptive display, Alexa Built-in and more.

                                    • Chatbot

                                      Talk to our helpful chat bot to learn more about amazing Facebook product experiences and sample custom AR Effects that bring the products to life on demand.